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November Specials

Cocoa Bliss Massage - $105.00

Melt into this massage as you’re transported to a place of peaceful, chocolatey heaven. This 90 min. Swedish massage with a cocoa hot oil foot treatment and cocoa aromatherapy is perfect for those in need of deep mental relaxation and stress relief.

Cinnamon Stick Bamboo Massage - $75.00

Experience warm bamboo sticks kneading and rolling out your muscles in this therapeutic massage. Cinnamon aromatherapy will fill the room as you sink into a deeper relaxed state on our heated table.

Tannenbaum Deep Tissue Massage - $50.00

Take a metaphorical walk in the woods as your muscles are deeply kneaded and the earthy scent of evergreen fills the room and invigorates your senses. Leave feeling grounded, relaxed, with increased range of motion and breathing deep.

Peppermint Patty Facial - $110.00

Experience this refreshing chocolate/mint facial designed to deeply cleanse the skin & brighten the complexion. Experience head to toe pampering with a Peppermint Patty Hot oil Foot Treatment with this special.

Candy Cane Hands & Feet - $45.00

Treat tired, dry extremities to this luxurious Candy Cane experience. Hands & Feet will experience a peppermint mask, warm towels, peppermint scrub & peppermint massage to exfoliate, invigorate & hydrate the skin.

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